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Yes, I’m in extreme ‘GUYS!’ mode, so you know this is damn serious!

So, for the last few weeks Lucy and I have been busy packing up ready to move and as a result there’s not been much time for tumblr (I miss you guys and normal service will be resumed soon, I promise) but amongst the days and weeks of boxes and packing and black bags of junk heading to the dumpster every few hours there has been something else taking up most of our time and attention, something far more exciting, something that we’ve been looking forward to sharing with you guys, and 413 seems to be the perfect day to do it.

What other day could be better? Since without Homestuck I’d never have met Lucy and we’d never have become friends, then moirails, then blurred the quadrant lines until we found ourselves sharing a home and a bed and the rest of our lives together. We both owe Hussie and Homestuck a lot. Well, pretty much everything, to be honest! 

But Hussie is responsible for much more than that now, Through the wonders of ectobiology (ok maybe not) Lucy and I are excited to announce the upcoming arrival of Baby Eridan* on or around 23rd November 2014!!!!


* please note, the baby is unlikely to be an actual grub, since it has two human parents :P

As you know I’ve had a difficult history of recurrant miscarriage so things have been pretty scary and we’ve been very nervous for the last few weeks, especially since I had some bleeding a couple of weeks ago, but I had an early scan and the baby was just fine, measuring spot on and little heart beating away <3 amazingly the baby is due a year to the day Lucy moved in with me, the timing is bizarre and perfect!

It’s also worth pointing out that even though we’ve nicknamed our poor unborn child baby Eridan we have no idea whether it is a boy or a girl  yet, although we both have a feeling it’s more likely to be a girl. We do have a name picked out already, and cheesy or not it’s homestuck related :)

Keep your fingers crossed for us that everything continues to go as smoothly as possible for us and we’ll keep you posted on any news!


HAPPY 413!!!!!


宝石の中の金魚 【コンデジ高感度撮影の限界に挑む その2 ISO 800】  ・Canon PowerShot S100でISO 800のRAWで撮影  ・DXO Optics Proでデフォルトの補正  ・カラーレンダリングをカラーポジフィルムからFuji Velvia 50をチョイス  ・露出とホワイトバランスを微調整  ・4000×3000から、3000×2250にリサイズして、JPG最高画質で保存し、web経由でTumblrにUP
Zoom Info
Canon PowerShot S100
Focal Length


宝石の中の金魚 【コンデジ高感度撮影の限界に挑む その2 ISO 800】
 ・Canon PowerShot S100でISO 800のRAWで撮影
 ・DXO Optics Proでデフォルトの補正
 ・カラーレンダリングをカラーポジフィルムからFuji Velvia 50をチョイス

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